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Big News Soon! New Product Lines!

Poo-Pourri Jr. Little Stinker

If you are on our website chances are you have one or at least know one... We were so impressed with this company at market and love the ideas of chemical free/environmentally safe concept that we had to buy and share with you!  That's just what we do!  You will find out website full of things we love and think you will love too! This is the perfect gift and even better to have at home!  This is a huge company and a product with a lot of press and fans!!!  Maybe they don't all talk about it but they will appreciate it!  It may be the funny gift at the baby shower but they will thank you later!  Here is what they have to say:

A diaper deodorizer with a natural anti-bacterial. Quickly eliminate the source of odor causing bacteria in cloth and plastic diapers. Simply spray on soiled diaper before disposal and there will be no reminder that your little angel was once a little stinker! 

Photo credit:  Harmony Designs Photography