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Pixie Girl Fairy Grace Dress - Lavender

Lavender, a fancy word for a light hue of purple, the new pink for girls that want to be all girl and stand out like royalty!  This classic signature look has been adorned and tweaked with full supportive shoulder straps delicate lace trimming around her arms and swirls.  A beautiful coloring befitting to girls with many variations of skin and hair tones, universally flattering and overwhelmingly fun!  

To see this dress in person is to see what they must have had in mind when they named it Grace for it's graceful lady like delicateness in appearance, that is until she starts bouncing like the little girl she really is inside! "Fairy" for the image one might envision for the Princess that has to own this dress.  This is a super soft fabric that she can play in, wear for long distance travel and arrive in style without needing a thing.  Your little Princess will step out of her coach or chariot eager to participate in the next venture!  Enjoy little Princess, it's boutique wash and wear with lots of fun in between!

Runs true to size and full of bounce!  


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