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Ninachka Couture "The Little Mermaid"

I can't imagine a Mermaid that would live under the sea if she had this outfit!  This stunning "Little Mermaid" is such a timeless masterpiece, handpainted with care. Ninachka Couture says each collection passionately celebrates the world as children see it: full of fun, curiosity and innocence. Every piece starts with original, unique images and designs which are then hand painted on the finest natural textiles accompanied by hand knit or crochet tops made from high quality fibers. The designs are always all about children. A lot of effort goes into keeping the designs as simple as possible with a strong emphasis on extreme comfort. Ninachka’s is a world of whimsical delight, with each and every item beginning and ending with a smile.

  • Limited supply, high demand, email us for a wait list
  • We try to keep Ninachaka's masterpieces in stock 
  • Custom Order time is estimated to be 6-8 weeks or longer as the holidays approach
  • Each piece is handpainted and unique, a heirloom
  • Import
  • Each "handpainted collection" is "Final Sale" email with any questions prior to ordering