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Concierge Shopping

Who likes to be pampered or just plain does not have time, maybe you are having a hard time coordinating outfits or finding a complete look.  We are here to help and love to be of assistance when we can!  Our Concierge shoppers have experience in retail and pay attention to detail in listening to your needs/wants and budget. Just some of the areas we provide services for are as follows:

  • Baby Shower gifts
  • Newborn presents
  • First outfit to wear home from the hospital
  • Milestone Photography
  • Pictures in general
  • First day of pre school or school
  • Christmas photos
  • Christmas pajamas for those Christmas morning pictures
  • Birthday's!  The first one is always our favorite
  • Standard school attire jazzed up
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms/Christenings
  • Vacations, everyone loves great vacation outfits and swim wear for the family photos
  • Special looks for the ladies
  • Men's attire
  • Gifts
  • and we even help Christmas shop beyond clothing for some of our clients!!

In addition to shopping, we offer gift wrapping and direct mailing to the recipient.  In those cases, we mail you a copy of the charge, if requested, and they just get the goodies!  So, when you don't know what to get, you now know the place that can help, just give us a little notice and we can come up with some pretty neat things most of the time!

Just because you don't see it online by no means indicates we don't carry it.  Some of our clients want "rare" things and we only shop for them, therefore their wardrobe is never posted online... it's like a secret find!  

We also shop at least a season ahead of time and order or know what is out there, so if you have an occasion that you want to plan in advance we can do that for you!  Sometimes we may not order a size you need, but if we know in advance we can take care of that as well.  We love to be able to get to know our customers and give them special treatment. 

 If we find out there is a demand for a size or brand we are certainly eager to help meet that need. We want shopping our site to be like going to Grandma's house, you know she is always going to have your favorite cookie when she knows you are coming!

 Email us for details and we'll go from there... it's easy!  No obligation or cost, we'll send you some ideas, photos and see what happens!  Our goal is to be your "go to" destination!