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About Us

About Us

Smart and Sassy Looks is your new fashion boutique destination!  Welcome aboard, we hope to make your shopping journey a fun experience so you will return and refer your friends!  

First of all let us tell you a story about how we came up with the name, Smart and Sassy Looks.  We wanted a name that would meet the needs of an intelligent shopper looking for a fun style.  After consulting the dictionary we found

Smart:   stylish or elegant in dress or appearance; knowledgable; mentally alert

Sassy:     distinctively stylish and smart, bold whimsical, intelligent, cheeky, bold, wise and fresh

We all know the value and importance of being smart and looking like you know how to manage and be good at what you do in life; so we chose “smart”.  Sassy is not just smart, but smart with distinction.  Since we were focusing our products on young ladies we also chose “sassy”.  We want our young ladies to be wise, bold and confident as their personalities are emerging and they are deciding who they are and who they will become.  As the definition reads bold, whimsical, intelligent, cheeky and fresh is how we define "our look" at Smart and Sassy Looks. Fashion is a very important part of self-expression, it promotes confidence and helps build identity. 

While retail and fashion is serious business for some, we think it's fun!  We say we are here to rescue the darling divas and luxe ladies that are frustrated looking at mass produced racks of clothing and are shopping for quality boutique children and ladies clothing that will turn heads, get compliments and retain value.  It's our store so we can carry anything we want and we listen to our customers and do a lot of research.  We carry a vast array of European and imported designers as well as many "dreamed and made in the USA" brands.  We stay informed of the current trends and new designers and buy while they are fresh and unique to the market.  We also love the proven brands that are dependable, reputable and hold their value. 

Girls clothing is unlimited fun!  There are so many options and occasions for girls to dress up.  Whether it's a formal event or just playing dress up, girls want to have fun and look great!  For those girls and ladies, Smart and Sassy Looks is your shopping mecca, we have luxurious dresses for beauty pageants, special occasions, baptisms, adoption or arrival days as well as traditional classic looks for timeless occasions.   We are not sure what is more fun than a Kaiya Eve pettiskirt for playful times, tea parties, and fun photos.  We carry designer outfits for just about any occasion you need, including standard school attire, jazzed up, yet durable!  It meets the criteria but like "Sassy" it pushes the line on whimsical and bold.  

At present we are not carrying a lot of things for boys and men, although that may change.  We will carry a few items for them, mostly men's "restaurant shirts" or golf shirts and other accessories which will make great gifts.  What better than to dress up your men and siblings to match your adorable outfits?  Just drop us a line and let our concierge services go to work for you!  Anytime you face the dilemma of what to wear or buy, feel free to contact us with your questions and needs.  

A little bit more about us, the company is very socially conscious and philanthropic.  We try to make a difference by giving back and helping others.  We participate in many charitable events through active participation, volunteering or donations.  We are strong supporters of adoption both domestic and abroad.  We believe every child needs an opportunity to have a family that loves them and keeps them safe.  Life is short, so we want to experience it fully, make a difference, and enjoy it!  We want the same for you!  We love photography and love it when you send an email with your loved one smiling in a Smart and Sassy outfit!  Once we learn your preferences you just might get an email with an outfit we found with just you in mind!  Sometimes we make rare purchases for an existing concierge customer and that item never even makes the website, it was bought with them in mind.  Our clientele is highly confidential and we never disclose your information nor do we share your contact information, we value your trust and business!   We work with local stylists as well as our existing concierge clientele.

We know we will never be the only thing in your closets, we just hope to be the best!

We hope and expect your shopping experience to be a pleasure and your transactions to be easy and quick.  We sincerely appreciate it when you choose to shop with us!